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I am always very interested in the ways artists reinterpret my own works, but I also would like to see what they could create just based on my image: a sort of portrait based on my pictures, but not a mere copy of the photo; I am mostly curious about how they could imagine me in a totally different context.

So I decided to start a contest :)
Rules are simple:
- Make a drawing or a painting portraying me, but without just copying one of my pictures;
- Works will be judged based on originality and technique;
- Send the work to within the 15th of january, 2015.

Prizes will be:

- 1st place: 3 numbered collectable DVDs of my "Anima Persa" trilogy: "Malacreanza", "Il Mondo Perduto" and "Inferno Veneziano", three artfilms by Cosmotropia De Xam, signed by me + "Antropophagus" CD by Mater Suspiria Vision (another project I work with, masters of Witch House);

- 2nd place: 1 numbered collectable DVD chosen from the ones above, still signed + "Antropophagus" CD by Mater Suspiria Vision;

- 3rd place: original movie posters of all three films, signed
+ "Antropophagus" CD by Mater Suspiria Vision

Of course the shipping costs will be payed by me :D

Come and join everyone!!! ^_____^
What does this word mean?
It's the italian word for "discourtesy" (even if it also has some fades of other meanings, expecially sexually turbid). And this is actually what I have been, not updating this journal for about 20 months :(

BUT it's also the title of my last collaboration with visionary filmmaker Cosmotropia De Xam. Oh, how funny, my latest journal was about the previous one we had made... it might seem I have nothing else to talk about, but no, it's not this. It's just by chance, I swear.

It seems the public is really loving the movie. This makes me giggle, I love it too ^_^

It's the usual psychotrip we make. Feel free to check the trailer I am linking below.

Amazing filmmaker Cosmotropia De Xam strikes again, and finally releases the last "chapter" of his trilogy "Kosmische Puppen", a title which - as you might imagine - means "Cosmic Puppets" in german.

This third part, where I star, with me as co-starring and myself as the antagonist  is the result of three intense and creative days of shooting and trips we spent some months ago. Some scenes are based on improvisation and some other are the visual description of something which had no words to be told; almost all of them are symbolic representations of <--)--(-->

As usual, the trippy soundtrack of Mater Suspiria Vision gives the perfect sonic ambient to the work :)

If "turn on, tune in, drop out" is your motto, go to the link below to see a musical video by Crossover made with excerpts from the Kosmische Puppen III film... and let me know what you think ^_^
I've been asked by some people here about the mysterious disappearing of some pictures from my galleries... *_____*

Well, it was me, I've started deleting some of the old works I made from the gallery, most of them being works I have done with other photographers. More will follow them quite soon :D
Not because I didn't like them - they were shooted by amazing people and the ideas were mine - but because I was feeling they were not representing me anymore...

And apart of this, some things have changed in my working process too. While before I mostly used to pose for other photographers, now I have been starting to shoot by myself (even with other models, such works will be featured soon). To get 100% control of the work, I suppose.

I still love collaboration, though. I have some things to be realized with some other photographers, but expecially I have some common projects with various wonderful graphic artists: this is a kind of cooperation I particularly love recently :)
On Sunday, February 5th the new album by Mater Suspiria Vision - a great Witch House project I have the pleasure to collaborate with - will be out and available. The first single is the one I am featured in, and you can enjoy the video by clicking here.

This time it's not me on the vid, but a videotribute to Lucio Fulci's "Lizard in woman's skin" made by Cosmotropia de Xam, the filmmaker of all the MSV vids who also directed my 50 min. DVD "Allucinazione!". Mine are the lyrics and the voice.

A promo picture for the album is featured here. Concept, shooting and postpro made by me. Lettering by Cosmotropia De XaM :)

The whole album is absolutely amazing. If you're into trippy sounds, magick, psychedelia, 70's horror movies, eggs and so on, you should consider ordering this masterpiece :D
Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise to see this work of mine featured as Daily Deviation by the sweetest :icondistortedsmile:... The feedback really amazed me, as literally hundreds of people appreciated and faved the photo, and loads of persons added me to their watchlists. This is quite precious to me, as spreading my works is absolutely important :)

I really wanted to thank each and every one for their nice comments, but it seems I can't do it as DA considers too many replies as a spam... lol. So, I am just doing it here in the meanwhile.

Thanks a lot to everyone that sent me support and appreciation ^_^
As I had written in my previous journal, I had the great pleasure to collaborate with two great artists that I love and respect a lot: Mater Suspiria Vision (a witch-magick musical project, just google about it... it's groovy!), and the great, trippy filmmaker Cosmotropia De Xam, a very talented artist... We worked together on the movie "Allucinazione!", which is now ready and available on DVD-R.

If you're interested, just let me know by sending me a note... :)

You can read more details about the DVD by clicking here.
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Summer is close. This summer will be a busy and creative period for me. Both from the photographic point of view (I'm working on a wonderful project, I'm really excited... but I can't say anything for the moment, even if I wish :/ ), and from the musical point of view, as I am working on the songs for my project "Rosæ Rubeæ et Aureæ Crucis", which mixes esoteric themes, psychedelic-ambient and neoclassic industrial music, and that will hopefully be ready in early fall... of course, I'll put the links here when ready.

In the meanwhile, I had the great pleasure to collaborate with two great artists that I love and respect a lot: Mater Suspiria Vision (a witch-magick musical project, just google about it... it's groovy!), and the great, trippy filmmaker Cosmotropia De Xam, a very talented artist... We worked together on the movie "Allucinazione!", which will be ready and available on DVD-R in a month or so.
You can enjoy the trailer here:

Later ;)
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Just moved into a new home, waiting for the connection, so I barely see the Internet in the last days. But it's really nice, with a huge and wonderful garden :)

Been to London on the last week of February. I shot some sets with three really great photographers. I think the results will be great, so I cannot wait to get the pictures ^_^

In the meanwhile, I put a link here. If you have some spare time and would like to know me a bit deeper and better, feel free to take a look and read ;)

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I am really glad to see that the great DA blog :iconvotre-charme:, administrated by the sweet :iconunbearable-lightness: chose my work "Pearls Before swine" as the Fave of the Week in her Sunday Glamour Feature ^^

You can see it - and read her nice and appropriate words by clicking here--->…

Apart of this, I really appreciated Unbearable Lightness's blog and also some other places she runs ans where i could see her work. She gets my respect and support :)
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